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Help & FAQ's - Golf Even More

Help & FAQ’s

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Becoming a Member:

  • Who can sign up to Golf Even More?

    Golf Even More membership is available to golfers over 18 years of age who are either a member of a golf club or society golfer and keen golfers/non-club members.

  • Will my golf club object?

    Golf Even More was established to create a network of golfers to support golf club members in getting more from their current club membership. No Golf Even More member will financially benefit from hosting other members as guests and the golf club will still receive payment for guest access, use of club facilities and pro shop. We anticipate that Golf Even More will help improve the popularity of golf and increase membership and play, therefore benefiting golf clubs locally and nationally.

  • Will my information be public?

    No, once you become a member of Golf Even More you will have access to a member's only area. In this area other Golf Even More members will be able to see your username, golf club, handicap information and if you as a member can provide guest rate access or visitor rates. Contact details will be exchanged by members once a round of golf has been agreed upon through the site messenger function.

  • I’ve just signed up, what should I include on my profile?

    To get the best use out of Golf Even More we would ask members to include as much information as they can in the requested fields. This helps other Golf Even More members identify which golf club member they are best suited to play with. We would encourage members to include a profile picture, this tends to achieve better response rates. Remember, first impressions count!

  • I’m not a currently a golf club member, can I join?

    Yes, Golf Even More is available to non-golf club members however requests to play courses is subject to club members accepting that the game won’t be reciprocated. This is an opportunity for you to play local golf courses with a member before joining a golf club. If you do decide to join a golf club having played with a Golf Even More member we’ll refund your credit!

  • Is it free to become a member of Golf Even More?

    Yes, it is completely free to sign up to become a member of Golf Even More. On signing up you will receive 2 credits which allow you to request to play a round of golf per credit. When you have no further credits you can purchase more credits or an annual membership. An annual membership costs £32 (€36) and provides members with 5 credits as well as other benefits. Credits can be purchased at £12 (€13) for one, or £22 (€25) for three.

  • What is the benefit of an annual membership?

    An annual membership can be purchased for £32 (€36) which provides you with 5 credits and a recurring membership with Golf Even More. It provides members with access to further credits for a discounted rate in comparison to non-annual members. If you recommend a friend to join Golf Even More annual membership we’ll give you one credit for free!

Member FAQs

  • How do the credits work?

    When you sign up to become a member to Golf Even More you will automatically receive 2 free credits. A credit enables you to request to play another course as a guest with a Golf Even More member. Once the member has agreed, the credit is “spent” and member contact details are exchanged through our on-site messenger. Within your profile you will see “credit balance” detailing how many credits you have left. An annual membership or further credits can be purchased here.

  • How do I request to play a course?

    Golf Even More members can search our member directory to find represented courses locally or nationally that they would like to play. You can currently search by handicap range or specific course. The requester should select a member based on preference of play (e.g. guest rate vs. visitor rate, handicap, etc.) select “add connection”. Complete the requested details with specific dates, flexible, weekends or weekdays only and if you are willing to reciprocate the game of golf on your course. The requested member will receive a notification (and an email prompt) and is expected to respond to the requester within 1 week. Once play has been agreed you will receive an email confirming and see the new connection within “my connections”. Following confirmation the messaging functionality opens allowing members to select a suitable date exchange contact information. This is when one credit is removed from the requester’s profile.

  • I have had a request from someone to play on my course, what do I do now?

    Golf Even More encourages members to reply to requests within 1 week of receiving it. You will see new requests in your profile under “connections” and “connection requests”. We would ask our members to be open minded and positive to the request, if you can accommodate the requester respond “accept”. However, if you can not accommodate the request, respond “decline” and the requester will continue their search elsewhere. Your credits remain unchanged as the acceptor of the request

  • How do I find out who I am connected to?

    This information can be found in your profile under “connections” and then “my connections” – when searching the member directory it will also highlight any current connections within profile information.

  • I have a new connection, how do I contact them?

    Within your profile you have an option to go directly to the messaging function. This function shows all of your connections, by clicking on your connection username it will start a dialogue box. Alternatively you can message a new connection by visiting their profile and clicking on “message”, or within your connections section of your profile. The messaging function enables users to exchange contact information and arrange details of game play.

  • Will my connections remain on my account for the duration of my membership with Golf Even More?

    No, after 1 year your connections will refresh so you can easily find new connections and keep your profile streamlined. You can add a connection again once they have been removed from your account if you want to play that specific course again.

  • How often should I host a guest?

    This is dependent on the number of guest passes your club allows you as part of your membership, or alternatively you can play as a visitor – remember to update your profile to highlight if it is as a guest or visitor. Golf Even More would encourage you to host as often as possible and to ask requester for a reciprocal round on their course.

  • How do I know I’m playing the course at a guest rate?

    This information is provided within user profiles as either guest rate or visitor rate. Please ensure you check this information prior to making your connection request. Generally guest rates are discounted in comparison to visitor rates.

  • How many rounds of golf can I play?

    There is no limit to how many times you can request a round of golf. Once your credits run out you can purchase an annual membership or additional credits.

  • My preferred course isn’t on the database, why not?

    Golf Even More is a network of golfers who sign up to host requesters and play new courses. If your wish list course isn’t on the database it means that we don’t have a member from that club on Golf Even More yet. However, the database is growing and we would ask that you encourage your golf associates to join Golf Even More to grow the course network and members. Or identify courses you would like to play and we can publicise in those areas.

  • I’ve run out of credits, what happens now?

    You will still remain a Golf Even More member however you can’t make a request to play but other users can request to play your course. We would encourage you to purchase an annual membership or new credits via your membership profile to ensure you get the benefits out of Golf Even More. Credits can be purchased at £12 (€36) for one, £22 (€13) for three or an annual membership for £32 (€36) which provides members with 5 credits.

  • Some of my details have changed, how do I update this?

    You can update your details in your my profile section by clicking on the cog symbol.

Arranging Play

Post Play

  • I’ve lost one credit, why?

    Once you have requested a game of golf with a Golf Even More member a credit is deducted from your account.

  • How do I feedback on the experience?

    Feedback is really important to us and in developing the Golf Even More experience for our members. Both the host and requester can access a short survey post play to complete within “my profile”. However, if you have alternative feedback please feel free to email